Airtight Wall Systems: BASF HP+ Panelized Wall Systems

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An airtight building envelope is the key to achieving outstanding energy efficiency in a home. Well-insulated walls that provide a complete air barrier – along with multi-pane windows, insulated doors, slabs, and roofs – all work together to keep indoor temperatures constant and energy requirements low.

Building high-performance walls on-site in all kinds of weather is a challenge. The materials can get wet, building standards can shift with conditions and crews, and a standard house frame can take from 6 weeks to 4 months to complete.

Kemp Construction has developed a better solution. We’ve partnered with a BC-based manufacturer to build BASF HP+ Panelized Wall Systems that can be used in any new home, renovation, or retrofit project. The wall systems are custom-built in a controlled indoor environment where we can achieve exacting standards – and can be erected on-site in days.

Benefits of the system include:
  • Better quality construction
  • Shorter construction schedule
  • Vastly improved energy efficiency
  • Dry materials
  • Lower building costs
  • Reduced construction noise
  • Less construction waste
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BASF HP+ Wall Systems offer high performance and energy efficiency

The BASF HP+ Wall System increases the durability and longevity of your home with a layered wall system that uses less wood than traditional construction, while creating a stronger wall assembly. Continuous insulation and an air/vapour barrier system are incorporated into the assembly. They significantly increase the assembly’s R-value, provide a sealed air barrier, and eliminate the need for conventional vapour or weather-resistive barriers.

Using computer modelling software, our team can take any architectural or engineering plan and construct the wall system for any house design or style, with all of the energy-efficiency requirements built right in! And for homeowners who want to reach Passive House ratings, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the material thickness.

Built to exact standards, erected in days

The panelized wall systems are constructed in an indoor facility where we can eliminate the elements, build to exacting standards, ensure consistent quality, and deliver maximum energy-efficiency.

Not only are we able to deliver unparalleled quality – we also significantly cut construction time. When we deliver our wall system to a building site, it is assembled, rather than built, so the structure can be put together quickly, and be ready for roofing just days after the foundation is in place.

In 2018, an 1,800 square-foot home in Whistler was up and ready for roofing in three days. On another project in North Vancouver, we installed the second floor of a 4,200 square-foot home in just five hours!

Our new system can help builders achieve Step Code requirements

havan logo home builders association vancouverKemp Construction uses the BASF wall system in our own building projects, but as knowledgeable industry leaders in building science, and active members of the Homebuilders Association of Vancouver (HAVAN), we also offer the wall system to other builders.

With the help of Kemp Construction, BASF building knowledge and chemistries, and the experience of our manufacturing partner, builders will be able to meet the new Step Code requirements with ease.
More about BC Step COde
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