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When you entertain, where does everyone want to be? In your kitchen, right? That’s one good reason why so many people are updating their kitchens, moving walls, and creating lovely, open spaces to gather and feast.

Great projects like the ones you see below, involve a solid plan. Give us a call, we can help you get started by finding the perfect designer for your style. For more kitchen renovation stories, check out some of the whole-home renovations on our General Renovations page.

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High-Performance Homes

What is a high-performance home?

A high-performance home offers significantly better energy-efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, and comfort over a conventional home. Builders use a range of building systems, techniques, materials and technologies to achieve these goals, but at the core of every high-performance home is a well-insulated, airtight building envelope, working in tandem with a fresh air delivery system.

The benefits of high-performance homes include:
  • Significantly lower energy bills and maintenance costs
  • Increased comfort (constant indoor temperatures year-round)
  • Fresh, filtered indoor air
  • Reduced noise due to better windows and insulation
  • Less reliance on the energy grid
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to lower energy use
  • Increased resale value

High-performance homes can come in any style – from traditional to modern. It’s the systems behind the scenes that have the biggest effect on the home’s performance:  state-of-the-art wall systems, well-insulated roofs and slabs, triple-paned windows, heat recovery ventilation systems (HRVs), and heat exchangers. These are some of the components that will help to create a home that feels better, lasts longer, and operates more efficiently than a conventional home.

Even thoughtful design elements such as extended roof overhangs can affect a home’s performance, making the difference between the need for air conditioning in the summer, and a home that’s comfortably cool.

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