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From custom homes to whole home and kitchen renovations, we build with care and quality

From custom homes to additions, and kitchen renovations to outdoor entertainment areas, each of our projects is different, but they’re all built with the same Kemp care and quality. Every one of our projects starts with a solid plan and follows a 7-step process. When you involve us early in your plan, we can bring our years of knowledge and experience to the table, and save you time and money.

Net Zero homes are the future. Make sure your home maintains its value with energy-efficient construction and renovation.

In 2032, new building code will require all new homes in BC to be built to a Net Zero Ready standard – meaning that they will be highly energy efficient, with the systems in place to connect to alternative sources of energy.

If you build a conventional home today, in less than a decade that home will be competing in the market with homes that are more cost-effective to operate, with superior heating and cooling systems, clean air, and the ability to adapt to new energy sources. In the near future, buyers will be asking to see the energy consumption of a home prior to purchasing it, much the same way they buy a car.

Even if you’re renovating, it pays to incorporate the energy-efficient features you can – like improved insulation, a heat pump, and energy-generating technology. The improvements will give you a more comfortable home, greater resiliency, lower energy bills, and an edge when it comes to resale value.

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Take a look through our portfolio of projects for clients in South Delta, South Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver. If you’re curious about Net Zero homes, or high-performance homes built to the upper levels of the BC Step Code, we have several projects on view in our Custom Homes portfolio. Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions, or feel inspired to talk about a project of your own!

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