Upcoming Projects in Process

Every project is unique and the process changes depending on the collaborators we work with. Currently, Kemp has four projects in varying stages of the project planning process – which are all scheduled to start in this year! From digital drawings in colour to 3D renderings, to a tried-and-true physical three dimensional model, we’re fortunate to work with very talented and diverse designers and architects who skillfully plan what a new home will become. Working collaboratively with these teams from the beginning and getting to see the concepts creates excitement for us as the builders. Stay tuned as we feature these projects becoming the homes the owners are dreaming of!

Architects & Collaborators:

Colour digital rendering: BÜRO47architecture
Follow this project “Building a Step Code 4 Modern Farmhouse in Tsawwassen

Digital 3D model (2 photos of same project): Sarah Gallop Design Inc.
Follow this project “Net Zero Oceanview Home in White Rock

Digital 3D model: Jack Falk Design Studio