Kemp can help homeowners access Canada Greener Homes Grants for energy retrofits

Is it time to make your home more energy efficient?

Kemp Construction may be able to assist with this. And right now through the Canada Greener Homes Grant, it could be more cost effective than ever. Announced on  May 27,  this new federal program allows Canadians up to $5,600 in energy-saving grants for home evaluations and upgrades.

Renovations can be tailored to increase the energy efficiency of your home

Step One of the program offers grants of up to $600 for the expense of home energy evaluations where you will receive expert advice from an energy advisor. Step Two is where Kemp Construction could assist by visiting your home and reviewing the advisor’s report. We then would recommend how to get the greatest gain for your investment. Up to $5,000 could be reimbursed through the grant for energy-efficient retrofits that are recommended by the energy advisor.

Eligible retrofits include:

– Basement and crawlspace home insulation
– Replacing windows or glass doors with energy star models
– Adding a smart thermostat to save money on your bill
– Air sealing to increase the air-tightness of your home
– Installing solar panels for electricity

If you are thinking of renovating, it could be the best time to increase the energy efficiency of your home while taking advantage of these grants. Global News reviews what you need to know about the Greener Homes Grants in their article by David Lao. Note that these federal grants are in addition to BC Provincial rebates already in place through Better Buildings BC.

Kemp Construction is always seeking to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of homes. We are experts at making homes more comfortable and affordable and encourage energy retrofits.

Can Kemp assist with your retrofit?

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