Home Owner Grants and Rebates may help offset Renovation costs

At Kemp Construction, we want to help you create your dream home.

We’re facing a future with more leisure time being spent at home, which means now is a good time to plan ahead. We’d be happy to hear about your home renovation goals, and start a plan together.

Several of our recent projects have been additions to existing homes or reconfiguring existing spaces to accommodate suites for aging parents. Several others wanted to create outdoor living spaces that extend the season with fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more. Practical, quality solutions to make your home your sanctuary. 

There are homeowner grants and rebates available to help you renovate for improved energy efficiency and accessibility.

Home Improvement Assistance Programs in BC


A provincial program offering financial incentives to help households save energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by switching to high-efficiency heating equipment and making building-envelope improvements.

The Energy Efficiency Rebate Search Tool – will walk you through what is available for your type of renovation project.

BC Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit

The BC Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit is a refundable personal income tax credit to assist individuals aged 65 and over with the cost of certain permanent home renovations, effective for the 2012 and subsequent tax years.

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