Energy Star Qualified Homes by Kemp

Did you know Kemp Construction is ENERGY STAR Certified?

This trusted brand is also attached to new homes built in Canada. Energy Star qualified homes are designed and built to meet a very specific set of technical specifications and Natural Resources Canada along with industry stakeholders have developed a new standard for it. When built to the new standard, an Energy Star qualified home must meet an energy performance requirement that is 20% higher than the building code in your province or region.

Typical features of an energy star-qualified home may include high-performance Energy Star windows patio doors and skylights which keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. The efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy and can be quieter, reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall comfort of your home and walls and ceilings that are insulated beyond what is required by the building code. By choosing an Energy Star home, homeowners can make energy efficiency part of their lifestyle in an economical way.

There is confidence in knowing that the home has been given the government-backed Energy Star qualified label from a builder participating in the Energy Star for new homes initiative. Also, we all want to do our part to protect the environment and to lower the amount of greenhouse gas we produce. These homes do just that and here's an added bonus - in order to meet the Energy Star for new homes standard your Energy Star home must give you a minimum of 400 kilowatt hours of electrical savings per year compared to a regular home and that is money in the bank. In a complicated world it's nice to know you have access to a trusted brand that symbolizes high energy efficiency standards - a label backed by the government of Canada which shows a commitment to environmental stewardship. Ask for a trusted brand. Ask us about building your Energy Star qualified dream home.

ENERGY STAR® material used with permission.


Kemp Construction is thrilled to hear this project -  "Boundary Bay Beachside"  - has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Homebuilders Association of Vancouver (HAVAN) Ovation Awards.

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