Kemp’s Commitment to the Environment

view of ocean and shoreline masked by heavy smoke from wildfires
Looking toward BC Ferry Terminal in Tsawwassen BC in mid-September 2020.

Lower Mainland poor air quality confirms climate change and need for Step Code 5

Recently the forest fires in the Pacific Northwest impacted all of us as smoke drifted into our communities. No need to convince us that climate change is real. Kemp made a commitment to sustainability and energy performance in 2015 and continue to learn as building science evolves.

It is exciting to see industries and municipalities locally and internationally making commitments to climate change. Twelve U.S. cities are pledging fossil fuel divestment (Reuters) and California is planning to ban sales of gas powered cars by 2035 (Wall Street Journal).

The BC Building Code is now driving the industry to do better. Did you know by 2032 all homes will be built to Net Zero Ready standards – also known as Step Code 5 in the building code?

In British Columbia, there are multiple grants available for energy efficient renovations and custom home building. See our page Home Owner Grants and Rebates may help offset Renovation or go to Better Buildings BC.

HAVAN webinar “Building to Step 5 NetZero Ready” features Steve Kemp

One of our main projects currently is a new Step Code 5 home. This type of building is the future and will hold investment value for many years to come. Kemp Construction is excited to be sharing how we’re doing this with our industry colleagues. On October 8th – as part of the HAVAN (Homebuilder’s Association of Vancouver) Builders Breakfast Series. Steve Kemp, Julio Reynel, of JRG Building Engineering Inc., the envelope engineer, the energy advisor, the mechanical system advisor and other experts will give a presentation to discuss and share the story of our approach to Step Code 5. For more information and to Register see our News Article below.

Steve Kemp Presenting at HAVAN Builders’ Breakfast Series

Steve Kemp, will be presenting as a case study, the project currently being built as a Step 5 NetZero Ready Home in Burnaby.

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Building a High Performance Home in Burnaby

Follow the Step 5 NetZero Ready project from client consultation to finished 6,200 sq ft. home.

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